Whoever Made The Avolatte A Thing, Can You Kindly Do One Please?


 OK, just going to throw this out there. If we see a single one of these coming anywhere near us in the UK, we’re going full-on hermit and building a sustainable shelter in outer-Mongolia where hipsters and their inexplicable food trends can no longer find us.

There is no part of the avolatte, the bastard child of an avocado and a latte, that is necessary, practical, or in any way tasteful and we fully condemn The Truman Café in Australia for even suggesting it.


You don’t even get any avocado out of the thing. They scrape it out. Then they fill the flimsy shell with coffee. Try not throwing that down yourself as you run for the bus in the morning. No, seriously. You deserve to be permanently covered in crap if you handed over actual money for one of these. Forget yourself, you’ve let humanity down and we may never forgive you.

A curse of avocado-hand upon thee!

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