Tesco Is Selling Tiny Avocados To Help Save The Planet

Baby avocados are here to make your lunch-times (and the planet) happier (Shutterstock)

Tesco is fast becoming our favourite supermarket. First it announced it would be paying the stupid, sexist tampon tax for its customers in a bid to combat period poverty, setting the trend for others to follow suit, and now, it has started selling miniature avocados in egg boxes in a bid to help cut global food waste.

These baby avos are in shops now (that’s our lunch sorted), weighing just 70g compared to the usual 200g. They’re easily peelable by hand thanks to thinner skins and, being just a little larger than your average egg, fit perfectly into recyclable egg boxes so you can pick up six at once, no problem. They are just as creamy and delicious as the originals, too.

They have an official name, Zilla Eggs, which we aren’t too sure about since it sounds like Godzilla and these are much more adorable, but we’ll let Tesco off for using its influential position to do something positive for the environment.

Zillas often end up on the rubbish dump as growers assume consumers will not want them due to their small size. Tesco’s initiative to market them as snack-sized avocados, playing into society’s penchant for cuteness, means they do not go to waste (no more spare half avocado dilemmas, hurrah!) and farmers can sell more of their crops.

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It also helps the business meet growing demand for the Instagram-friendly fruit (up more than 30 per cent last year) without having to raise prices or limited stock on regular avocados as supplies drop.

Expect to pay £2 for six Zillas, but hurry as they will only be available while stocks last.

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