Beware The Perils Of Being Hospitalised With ‘Avocado Hand’

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Your hipster breakfast could well be causing more harm than good, health experts have warned. No, not because avocados are high in fat, but because the act of chopping the bloody things is landing an increasing number of people in hospital.

According to surgeons from the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, A&E is experiencing a surprisingly high intake of people injured by cutting the fruits with a knife.

The most common affliction is a cut deep into the base of the thumb, severing the tendons there causing potentially permanent damage to hands as a result.

Leading plastic surgeon Simon Eccles told the BBC that he treats about four patients a week at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for such wounds. Staff at the hospital have dubbed the bizarre injury “avocado hand”.

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As a result, the group are calling for safety labels to be applied to avocados to warn shoppers about the perils of cutting them incorrectly.

Of course, there is an easier way to chop avocados. Rather than length-wise, try running a knife around the girth of the fruit to the stone in the middle, leaving no need to firmly hold the fruit in a precarious position:

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