The Most Wonderfully Wacky Fashion Buys For Autumn 2017

back to front jeans princess headphones

We’re all for dressing as you please and embracing diversity, but sometimes, just sometimes we wonder what the hell were you thinking retailers?. Other times we say hell yeah to the wonderfully wacky. Some of these items will divide you, but whether you love or hate, please pay special attention to the Asos poop emoji bag. No, we’re not kidding…

One Belt To Rule Them All

bow belt

We love diverse wardrobes, but nobody needed or asked for this. A giant belt bow? Minnie Mouse eat your heart out. Asos floral oversized bow belt, £14

The Kitsch Poop Emoji Bag

Asos poop emoji bag

Is it faeces? Is it a person? Is it a bag? Who even knows? We’re speechless. Asos we salute you. Any press is good press, right? The Asos poop emoji bag certainly caused a stir on social media. Asos x The Emoji Movie poop emoji cross body bag, £20

ASOS poop bag


ASOS poop bag


Jeans To Keep Your Style Secrets Zipped

reformation zipper jeans

We thought we’d seen all the styles of jean fashion had to offer, until now. Rips, studs, jewel, mesh panels and then came the front to back zip. Yes we do mean from crotch to crack. But by all means if that’s a must-have on your trousers, we ain’t judgin’. Reformation zipper jeans, £115.62

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The ‘When Life Brings You Lemons, Buy A Net Bag’ Bag

Credit: Instagram/fashionbylindita

net bag

Instagrammers love it, but isn’t this just the most impractical bag you’ve ever seen? Who even buys lemons except for  G&T O’Clock anyway? We certainly don’t lug lemons around in our backpacks on a daily basis and we wouldn’t expect to start if we were given a net bag. And where would we put all our pens? Our hair pins? Where would all our pennies go when they inevitably fall out of our purse? On the floor that’s where. Still, pretty Instagrammable though isn’t it, so it’s totally worth it for less than a fiver, right? Just don’t forget the lemons, will you? dotcomgiftshop French style shopping bag, £3.95

The Cropped Crop Tee

Credit: Instagram/Lasula

My type on paper T-shirt

Because crops aren’t cropped enough, apparently. Georgia Harrison from Love Island will tell you that, as will Montana and Amber. Now we’re all for freeing the nipple and celebrating our fabulous figures, but we imagine this is one tee walking might be problematic in. Our boobs certainly aren’t as perky as this stud above, so we see things going southwards and fast. The answer though if you’re keen, is boob tape. God bless boob tape. Lasula My Type cropped tee, £12

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 Lit Headphones

Lit headphones

So you want to be seriously extra like Beyonce? These headphones are just that. These will lit make you the Queen Bee with their attached crown. Might be a little OTT for the morning commute though, but will certainly wake the suited man who always ends up napping on your shoulder. He sends his apologies, your majesty. Lit Headphones royal blue, £234.28 (approx)

Unicorn Horn, Because Why Not?

Topshop unicorn horn

We know the world has gone crazy for unicorn tees and hair and make-up, but a horn now? We’re putting a stop to this madness. No, just no (unless it’s fancy dress and then we say go for it). Topshop unicorn horn, £7.50

King Kylie Tee

Kylie bikini T-shirt
Credit: Instagram/Kyliejenner

We all might be Kylie Jenner fans, but even we think wearing a picture of her bikini bod on a T-shirt is taking the love a little too far. Our head, your bod K? Despite yours being epic, we think we’ll stick to our own as it’s just plain weird, sorry Kyles. The Kylie Shop bright Kylie tee, £27.34 (approx)

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