This New ASOS Tool Will Help You Find That Dress You’ve Been Hunting For

Shopping was never so easy (sorry, bank balance) (Shutterstock)

Fashionistas that we are, it’s rare that we step outside and return home without having scouted at least ten outfits we want in our wardrobes.

Sometimes it’s easy to stop that woman modelling your dream dress and ask her where she got it from, but with everyone rushing during most public transport journeys, it isn’t always that easy to leisurely chat clothes with strangers. Sadly, all too often, that pair of shoes you spot and need disappears in a flash, leaving you none the wiser where to pick up a pair for yourself.

Similar problems occur on social media, when someone shares a photo of themselves in the coolest jumpsuit you have seen in an age but fails to tell you where they bought it either by tagging the shop or responding to your request for sartorial help.

Luckily, ASOS is here to help. The online fashion site has been there for us in many a ‘Oh god I have nothing to wear to this party!’ emergency and now it is stepping up again with the launch of a new visual search tool that connects you with the outfit you are coveting.

To try it for yourself, download the app and click on the camera icon in the search bar. From there, simply upload a photo or screengrab of the item you are looking for (ask first if you want to take a photo of a stranger on the Tube, or at least be extremely subtle!). Remember to change your settings to allow ASOS to access your camera or photos.

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The tool will then search through the 85,000 products on the ASOS store to find the exact product, if it stocks it, or one that looks pretty damn close to the real deal. Dreamy. Sorry not sorry for the inevitable hit your bank balance is about to take…

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