ASOS Is About To Start Selling MAC Cosmetics And We Can’t Wait

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Amid the current high street crisis where even the likes of New Look are suffering from sales losses and huge debts, we’re beginning to wonder if we’ll have any shops left. Just as well ASOS are always our internet angel ready to help with a clothing catastrophe.

We thought we’d hit the jackpot when the online retailer announced they were going to start using Klarna. In case you’re not aware just yet, Klarna is a way you can “try before you buy” from the brand.

So in other words, you order whatever you want, try it all on and send back what you don’t want to keep. Then around the 30 day period you’ll receive your Klarna invoice that’ll just include the items you kept.

Finally – no more waiting for money to transfer back into your account after that retail therapy sesh gone wrong.

So with that glorious new ability through ASOS, we thought we were living the dream.

That is, until it’s been announced that they’re going to start stocking MAC Cosmetics.

Yes, this is a legit thing – from 14 March next week, you’ll be able to get your hands on a bunch of MAC products through ASOS.

Why does that make it so wonderful when you can pop into most beauty stores to get your makeup?

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Well, if you’re a regular shopper on the site you’ll know all about their points tier scheme that’s part of their ASOS A-Lister group.

And those great “Spend so much, save so much” deals they do? Along with student discounts?

That means you’ll be able to get all your fave MAC beauties for less than other retailers.

You can thank us later for that info.

We reckon at this rate it won’t be long before ASOS become the one-stop-shop for you to buy absolutely everything.