ASOS Under Fire For Listing Size 10 Shorts As ‘Large’

ASOS, repeat after us: Size 10 is not 'large' (Photo: Shutterstock)

Oh ASOS, how you have disappointed us.

Our former favourite online retailer has come under fire from shoppers for listing a UK Size 10 pair of Pull & Bear shorts as ‘large’ on its website.

Understandably, people are accusing the store of body shaming and perpetuating the myth that only a tiny Size 6 is desirable.

The average UK woman wears a Size 12, so to brand Size 10 as ‘large’ is nothing short of ridiculous.

Sneaky HypeWorm (just her Twitter name, presumably) spotted the listing and shared it online with the appropriate caption, “U wot m8”, before being retweeted over 1,500 times.

“Stuff like this knocks me sick,” read one angry reply. “What message are they sending out?!”

Others branded the description “terrible”, arguing that it “perpetuates misery” for those suffering from eating disorders.

It remains unknown whether ASOS or Spanish company Pull & Bear is at fault for the listing. The latter lists Size 14 as ‘large’ on its website, rather than Size 10.

Nevertheless, ASOS has apologised for the issue and insists it is “looking into it with the relevant team”.

The site believes the problem was caused by a “technical glitch” which meant sizes “weren’t represented properly”, according to a Twitter reply.

Still, at the time of publication, the correct sizing shows a ‘large’ to be Size 12, which is just as nonsensical.

Frankly, we give up. Buy whatever clothes fit you best and to hell with labelling. You’re beautiful and enough just the way you are. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

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