ASOS Drop A Dress Straight Out Of Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman
(Photo: YouTube)

Despite being a hooker, Julia Roberts is actually quite the icon in Pretty Woman.

The rom-com is 27 years old, yet its fabulous 90s fashion and classic quotes – “Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.” –  continue to bring happiness and joy.

Julia definitely knows how to make people fall in love with a prostitute.

Well now, more than quarter of a century since its first release, you can own a dress just like Julia’s character Vivian Ward.

It’s not cheap, but ASOS has dropped a cutout frock that is almost identical to Vivian’s. It doesn’t come with the blonde wig,  but we’re not fussed.

The dress is a result of a collaboration between ASOS and British designer, Hunza G, and it has been based on Julia’s very number from Pretty Woman.

A description reads: “London-made label Hunza G started out in 1984 under the direction of Peter Meadows and became known for its unique crinkle-stretch fabric and Julia Roberts’ iconic dress in Pretty Woman.

“Thirty years later, its favourite sporty fabric has been recut into new swimwear silhouettes under Georgiana Huddart’s creative direction.”

Disappointingly though, it only comes in sizes six to 12. Come on, guys – this is 2017, not 1990! It is priced at £136.


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