Just because we love our cats and dogs, it doesn’t mean we want to wear them. Right?

Wrong, according to one watch company, which thinks it’s found the perfect way to bring you even closer to your pet.

Philadephia’s Analog Watch Company has designed the ‘Companion Collection’ which sounds innocent enough until you learn that it involves gathering your pet’s hairs and getting them glued to a leather strap. Presenting the pet fur watch, everyone.

To get yours, simply send over £199 (ouch) along with 2 to 4 ounces of matted fur in an airtight bag and in return you will get an accessory to treasure forever. Unless you’re allergic to animal hair in which case, well, it’s officially the worst Christmas gift ever.

Once the bag of fur arrives at the studio, “the magic begins”. The hairs are turned into a felted wool using an innovative and hand-crafted process, before being heat formed to a leather band and metal body shell. The fur is kept clean and water-resistant thanks to a special hydrophobic coating.

If matted fur’s your thing, look no further for your next accessory

If you’re gagging into your lunch you may be relieved to hear that pre-orders start on 1 April, leading us to suspect that this is one big, horrible, early April Fool’s joke.

Either way, sorry.

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