The Apprentice’s Dillon St Paul gives a brave thumbs up after brain surgery

Dillon St Paul in hospital

‘The Apprentice’s’ Dillon St Paul has given a brave thumbs up from his hospital bed having undergone emergency surgery on a brain tumour.

Dillon, who appeared on the BBC One show in the autumn, was rushed to hospital last week after suffering a seizure at work.

Doctors soon discovered a tumour on his brain, and Irish art director Dillon has since described what followed as a “journey of pain and sorrow” like he has never endured.

Writing a lengthly blog post following his operation, Dillon said: “Last year I took part in BBC1’s ‘The Apprentice’ and at the time I found the whole experience very challenging.

“In various interviews I would flippantly remark that it was the ‘hardest thing’ I’d ever done. I realise now how naive a statement that was because just last week I had a seizure and it seems my life or at least my outlook has changed forever.”

Credit: BBC

Dillon – who made it to week nine of ‘The Apprentice’ before Lord Alan Sugar fired him – states that he had been at work re-designing a magazine he co-created, Stellar, when he suddenly fell ill.

“My left hand felt like it was moving in thick jelly and my speech froze,” he wrote. “I say speech rather than mouth because it felt like the power to communicate deserted me not just the mechanism, if that makes sense. This was the moment my first seizure began. The single most terrifying thing you can ever imagine.”

Dillon was raced to hospital, where he underwent a both CT and MRI scans before being diagnosed with a low-grade glioma tumour. He then underwent surgery to remove it.

Recalling the night after the operation, Dillon said: “I genuinely felt like I was dying. This is too personal to go into now, but I cried a lot and pined for friends and family.”

Dillon hopes that by sharing his experience he will give hope to others in a similar situation. He has even asked people to get in touch via his Twitter page (@dillonstpaul) for support and advice.

“I just wanted to share with the world what exactly has happened to me and to offer hope to anyone experiencing something similar,” he concluded. “I had brain surgery and I survived and so can you – you won’t be damaged or weird or ‘odd’ afterwards and you will smile again.”

We’re wishing you all the best with your recovery, Dillon.