TK Maxx Is Selling Cut Price Anastasia Beverly Hills Make Up Right Now

You won't believe the prices of these products! (Instagram: clairerosa90)
This is not a drill!

We all love a bargain. Especially when that bargain is high end makeup slashed to half price.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, as lots of eagle-eyed shoppers are now discovering via social media.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – the American beauty brand famed for its banging brow products, incredible eyeshadow palettes, gleaming highlighters and fabulous liquid lipsticks –  is clearly clearing through some stock, some of which has made it onto the shelves of TK Maxx. Rejoice!

If you haven’t hit up a TK Maxx before in your life, it’s basically a big clearance store full of low price designer gems, which also includes cosmetics and beauty products. And now, coveted Anastasia Beverly Hills products have started popping up in the store at pretty unbelievable prices.

Top Anastasia Beverly Hills finds at TK Maxx

The brand’s famous Subculture eyeshadow palette is currently priced at £43 online, but shoppers have been picking it up for just £19.99 in TK Maxx. That’s better than half price!

And the Anastasia Beverly Hills blush trio which is currently priced at £30 online was bagged by a shopper for just £15.

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Similarly, the Aurora glow kit, usually coming in at £41, is now down to £19.99.

Another shopper managed to get her hands on the ABH Liquid Lipstick in shade ‘Stripped’ for just £6.99 – an absolute steal compared to its online price tag of £20!


So it you weren’t already obsessed with TK Maxx, you’re definitely going to be now.

Unfortunately you can’t shop their makeup online, so you’ll have to make the trip down to your local store to track down some Anastasia Beverly Hills bargains IRL. That’s if someone else doesn’t beat you to it first!