You Need To See Aldi’s New Benefit, Nars, Smashbox and Charlotte Tilbury Dupes

Aldi's new beauty range is pretty impressive!

Oh Aldi, you are good to us. We’ve sung the praises of its amazing knock-off products before, such as the Pixi Glow Tonic lookalike and faux Naked palette that was almost too accurate, and now the budget supermarket is hitting us with five new amazing makeup must-haves.

If these aren’t *inspired* by big name products, we’ll eat our hat, coat and scarf while we’re at it. First up is the Lacura Aloha Bronzer, packaged in a handy small square box with a miniature brush to boot. It’s only £5.99, while Benefit’s iconic Hoola bronzer comes in at £25.50, plus Aldi’s version is cruelty free. Yep, that’s our decision made!

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If that wasn’t enough faux Benefit goodness for you, Aldi has also duped its highly-praised They’re Real mascara, calling its own version ‘Too Legit‘ (to quit, presumably?). It’s just £ 5.99, whereas the real thing costs £21.50.

Pretty amazing dupes, huh? Next up is a lookalike for Nars’ legendary Orgasm blush, simply named the Lacura Blush. It comes in the same smart black packaging as its pricier counterpart and even has a similar looking font on the lid. We can’t even. Plus it’s a mere £5.99 compared to Nars’ £24.

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This next one has to be the biggest steal of them all, with Aldi’s £6.99 Lacura Broadway Shape and Glow palette being a spot-on recreation of Charlotte Tilbury’s £49 Filmstar Bronze and Glow duo. Just look at it! The same gold packaging, curved pans and even the art deco detail on the lid is convincing. We NEED.

To finish this amazing collection of beauty dupes, we have the Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer for £5.99. It’s basically just another way of saying Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, which carriers the much heftier price tag of £26 – and there’s nothing we like more in the run-up to Christmas than a beauty bargain!

The good news is, they’re all available online and in selected stores right now, so get shopping before they inevitably disappear. Our advice? Grab them all at for the grand total of £30.95, as you’ll get completely free delivery on any orders over £20 AND you’ll save a mega £115.05 compared with buying the real deals. You can’t do much better than that now, can you?