Adele Is Earning £45,000 Per Day

Adele is officially mega rich (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Most of us dream of leaving uni, getting a half decent job, working our way up the ladder and one day, earning a respectable salary of £45,000 per year — but for British songstress Adele, she’s making that much bank every. single. day.

According to reports, the Tottenham-born star raked in a mahoosive £16.5million last year, mostly due to shifting over 20 million copies of her third album ’25’. And that success is showing no signs of stopping, with her company accounts revealing that she “will continue to exploit existing recordings and the director expects the turnover to remain strong”. Let’s also remember that doesn’t include the profit from this year’s mega world tour, which saw her perform on 120 dates across the globe.

In addition to all that dollar, Adele is reportedly being offered £20million to take up a year-long residency in Vegas. Because she could definitely do with a bit of a cash injection.

So, when you’re feeling flush next payday because you’re *finally* out of your overdraft and have enough money for a takeaway, just imagine what payday must feel like for Adele…