In an age when beautiful images adorn Instagram and Twitter, it’s not often you come across video that is absolutely breathtaking.

However, following the World Premier of Blue Planet II in London today, a five minute trailer for was released and the scenes are awesome. The short film is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and features highlights from the new series in addition to several exclusive scenes.

The Trailer also features a musical collaboration from Radiohead and Hans Zimmer, titled ‘(Ocean) Bloom’.  In a press statement, Thom Yorke was said to have been ‘prophetically inspired to write having watched 2001’s The Blue Planet’

The full series of Blue Planet II is said to have taken more than four years and 1,000 hours in deep water to create.  And with new production techniques, its press release promises to ‘take viewers on a revelatory and magical journey’.

As last year’s natural history series ‘Planet Earth II‘ was watched by more millennials than X Factor, we’re guessing most of our winter Saturday nights will be spent glued to the box.

Blue Planet II is due to air later this year on BBC One.

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