This 9-Year-Old’s Frida Kahlo Costume Will Inspire The Hell Out Of You

Frida look a like
Her Frida likeness is uncanny (Trillmag)

We’re all in the same predicament right now: what to wear for Halloween?

Just in time, one little girl is about to become your dressing-up muse thanks to her incredible, beautiful and inspirational costume idea. A 9-year-old from Long Beach, California, became something of an overnight Twitter sensation when her mother posted about her look, and the incredible reason she chose it:

Talk about turning your so-called ‘flaws’ into your best asset! We’re so here for it.

Her Frida Kahlo costume is spot on, making the most of her stunning brows to become one of history’s most inspiring women. And doesn’t she look amazing? From the floral crown to the folk-feel dress, her outfit embraces all of Kahlo’s signature pieces, transforming her into a feminist icon with just a few accessories.

But her look really took off when her uncle tweeted the same snaps, bowing down to her “cool ass” costume.

His tweet has now been shared nearly 25,000 times, showing that a good outfit really can capture the world’s attention. And of course, the internet showered her in praise…

Now, who else is off to buy a floral crown and some hoops?

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