8 Statement Necklaces That’ll Tell The World Exactly How You’re Feeling

statement necklaces yay
A necklace can say a lot (Rock Cakes Etsy)
Reflect your mood.

Sometimes you want to express yourself without having to open your mouth and have an actual conversation, which is when statement jewellery really comes into its own. Whether you want to reflect your current mood, general vibes or personal beliefs, there’s a necklace out there for everyone.

So, why not wear your get a few things off your chest by putting on one of these statement necklaces?

Rock N Rose OK Sterling Silver Emoji Necklace, £12

Wear your favourite Emoji around your neck on those days you’re feeling top notch. 👌Rock and rose ok necklace

Slay Necklace, Skinny Dip, £14

For those days when you are feeling EPIC.


pink slay necklace



Rock Cakes Laser Cut Glitter Yay Necklace, Not On The Highstreet, £14

This necklace sums up how we feel about reaching 5.31pm on a Friday.

yay necklace rock cakes


Silver Prosecco Necklace by Esa Evans, Fy, £22

Wear this on your next night out and no longer will you need to shout your order at the barman. 👏


Feminist Necklace, Debenhams, £7

Never has there been a more affordable way to ward off f**kboys

Gold plated feminist necklace


Rebel Necklace, Claire’s, £3.00

For when you are just not having it, this necklace is also bang on trend with its rainbow colours.


claire's rebel necklace


Wanted Necklace By Skinny Dip, Topshop, £7

For those days when you need let everyone know you are in demand.

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Topshop wanted necklace


ASOS X GLAAD Pendant Necklace, ASOS, £12

This statement necklace is perfect for when you get to the office late and you get that look from Janet.


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