8 Of The Best 90s Band T-Shirts You Need In Your Wardrobe

90s band t-shirts

We’re calling it now: 2019 is officially the year of the nineties pop group revival. The Spice Girls have just sold out 11 stadium dates, Westlife are back on the road and even Backstreet Boys are UK-bound for a string of shows after 20 years together. What more could us nineties babies want?!

We’re ready to dust off our Tamagotchis, blow up our inflatable backpacks an slip on our Reebok Classics as we welcome all of these pop greats back into our lives, but what we really need is a retro tee to complete the look. That’s where these great buys come in!

Whether you were more of boyband fanatic or stanned Britney Spears harder than anyone else, we’ve found the best popstar t-shirts to make your full nineties fantasies come to life. And if you are going to any of those 2019 throwback gigs, you’ll definitely be needing at least one.

Timewarp Tees NSYNC Limited Edition T-shirt, £24.95

You can’t see this top without singing Bye, Bye, Bye in your head, right?

Topshop Britney Spears T-Shirt, £22

Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I wear classic Britney tees.

Missy Empire Lydia White Spice Girls Graphic T-Shirt, £15

This tee will definitely Spice up your life!

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Timewarp Tees Destiny’s Child T-Shirt, £24.95

We all need a DC3 tee in our lives.


eBay Backstreet Boys T-Shirt, £11.99

Cos Backstreet’s Back ALRIGHT!

Etsy Nirvana Hanson 90s Parody Unisex T-Shirt, £11.29

If this doesn’t make you lol, you’re definitely not a nineties child.



Jade Shirt Aaliyah Vintage T-Shirt, £19.99

More than a woman.

PrettyLittleThing White Whitney Houston Oversized T-Shirt, £15

Not just a nineties star, but a decade-spanning great.