8 Message Ideas To Make Your Cinema Light Box Really Pop

Light Box
Light boxes are an easy way to get creative (Shutterstock)

You can barely go on Instagram without seeing a message in block letters slapped across a cinema light box — as one of 2017’s top home accessories, and available everywhere from Primark to The Works, you can barely enter a house without spotting one.

But it isn’t always easy to decide what to make yours say. Should we just start with our name? Or some sort of funny #hashtag message?

Well, that’s the beauty of the thing: you can make it say whatever you want. So, if you need some inspiration to make your light box really spark conversation whenever people enter your place, feel free to *borrow* some ideas from these greats.

1. Positive vibes

Set yourself up for the day with an upbeat message that’ll turn any gloomy Monday into a HELL YEAH day.

2. Winter is coming

If you’ve already turned your heating on, remind yourself that it’s bloomin’ cold out there with this cute lyric.

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3. Share the love

Sweet, affectionate and funny, this message is perfect for laying on the love.

4. The final countdown

Heading off somewhere nice? Use your light box to remind yourself (and everyone on Instagram) where you’re going.

5. Just nope

For those times you’re just totally and utterly *over it*.

6. Oh so punny

Cactus + light box = the most millennial home combo ever. So why not make it a punny one?

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7. Song lyrics

@dandtp got seasonally creative with my lightbox in @rosybbeauty this evening

A post shared by Rosy Burrows (@rosyburrows) on

Sing it loud and proud with your fave lyrics, especially apt if they match the occassion too.

8. Get sweary

Fuck. This. Shit. ‍♀️ #lightbox #fuckit

A post shared by Jessica Capon (@jessycarundead) on

For those moments you just need to say “f**k it”.

Feeling inspired? Buy your very own light box now by clicking on the gallery below.


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