8 Halloween 2017 Makeup Tutorials That Will Blow Your Mind


We know the feeling — you’ve been invited to every Halloween party going at uni, but haven’t got the time or resources to pull together a full head-to-toe costume. That doesn’t mean you want to go down the bin bag and fake blood route though, as you still want to be creative and not just dust off that ‘sexy black cat’ outfit for another year.

Thankfully, YouTube is full of some scarily good ideas and tutorials — some easy, some not so easy — that’ll make you stand out just by using what’s in your makeup bag. If all else fails, you could always go back to that bin bag…

1. Queen of the Dead

All you need for this is black eyeliner, some fake lashes and a lot of patience. Just be sure to stick to a straw when you eventually get to the party.

2. Diamond skull

The best bit about this stunning tutorial is that you can save cash and go without the bedazzling, or just pick up a handful from a craft shop to make your look really pop.

3. Pennywise

This sure to be 2017’s most popular Halloween costume, but few tutorials are as spot-on as this one. You’re sure to freak the hell out of everyone, with or without the clown get-up and big ginger wig,

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4. Giant mouth monster

OK, this one will take time, money and true dedication, but the results are crazy good. Good luck trying to sip on that vodka and Red Bull with this on…

5. Voodoo Doll

This creepy makeover is so much easier than it looks. All you need is black and white face paint, plus some of the makeup you already own to positively terrify your fellow partygoers.

6. Melting skull

Skull makeup is sure to be popular at any bash, so take yours to the next level with this melting skin effect. It looks extremely detailed, but this optical illusion is actually a lot simpler than it seems.

7. Pencil piercing

If special effects are your thing, why not dabble in some this Halloween with this seriously freaky look? Just do your makeup as usual and add the scary element on top.

8. Comic style Wonder Woman

If scary isn’t your preferred route, try a tutorial that’s less gory, but no less amazing. While you’re sure to see many Gal Gadot-alikes on the dance floor this year, why not go old school with this incredible comic book idea?


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