75 Per Cent Of People Think Women Look Better Without Make-Up

woman without make-up
Those surveyed preferred the natural look (Shutterstock)

Make-up is a wonderful vehicle for personal expression, creativity and all-round artistry — just take one look at the thousands of make-up artists on Instagram and you’ll see exactly what we mean — but it still seems a lot of people would rather women went without it.

A survey by Sleek MakeUP and anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label has found that 75 per cent of people think women “look better with no or less make-up”, while 36 per cent think people wear make-up to hide themselves. If that wasn’t enough, almost a third said that those who wear a lot of make-up look “trashy”. *rolls eyes*

With over a quarter of those surveyed confessing to feeling judged for wearing make-up in the past, it seems that make-up shaming remains very a current, very real issue.

Over a quarter of people feel judged for wearing make-up (Pexels)

There is good news hidden in these figures, though. Less than a quarter of the 1,000 people surveyed think it’s weird for men to wear make-up, while even less said they take women who wear a lot of make-up less seriously.

The findings come as a result of Sleek MakeUP and Ditch The Label’s empowering ‘My face. My rules.’ campaign, created to “positively recognise and stand up for everyone’s right to define their individual beauty, without boundaries.” Hear, hear! They’ve also called it a “celebration of individualism and uniqueness”, working hand-in-hand to readdress “the balance of beauty norms”.

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With new brands like Fenty Beauty already making waves when it comes to inclusivity and representation in the industry, all we can hope is that other beauty brands take note and follow suit.

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