The 16-25 Railcard Is About To Be Extended Until You’re 32

The cost of commuting is a huge financial burden (Shutterstock)

Last month, we were hit with the good news that a new millennial railcard is on it’s way, offering people aged 26-30 discounted train travel. But now, that upper age limit is about to be pushed even higher.

According to reports, an update on the new railcard is set to be announced in next week’s budget, giving millennials discount on their journeys right up until they hit 32. You’ll have to apply for your final railcard on the evening of your 30th birthday though, to ensure it remains valid for the following two year.

However, it’s not good news for everyone, as the railcard cannot be used on season tickets, which many working and commuting young people buy to make daily travel to work slightly cheaper. On top of the fact that rail ticket prices are set to go up in line with inflation in the new year – rising by almost 4 per cent — young people will actually see prices rise during peak hours, even if they have the railcard.

Young people commuting in peak time won’t be able to use the discount (Shutterstock)

This new railcard is expected to cost around the same as the existing 16-25 card, currently priced at £30, and offer a similar discount of 30 per cent off.

This age extension from the Conservative government is said to be their latest attempt to get young people on their side – a group they failed to engage during this summer’s general election, where 60 per cent of Britain’s youngsters voted in favour of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party.

A price freeze on peak train tickets rather than a 4 per cent rise might help, guys. Just a thought.