15 Things We Love From The New Season At Zara


The first month of 2018 is over so we can slowly start to justify looking at some more Spring weather clothing! So we thought we’d take a look and see what Zara has to offer.

One thing you can always love about this brand is they’re very fashion forward and tend to change their range pretty often. In fact word has it that the turnover from seeing it on a catwalk to appearing in Zara’s stores is about three weeks! That’s pretty good going.

While they’re clothing is a little on the pricer end of high street fashion, you can be sure that it’s decent quality. Plus if you’re buying wardrobe staples, think of them like an investment piece – you pay the upfront cost now, and you can wear it for seasons to come.

As we’re only in February, let’s face it, the cold weather hasn’t exactly run a mile, so we’re still very much stuck with it for at least another few weeks.

The great thing about this latest Zara drop is, they’ve still given us a bunch of knitwear and maxi dresses to drool over, and pretty much all of their clothes can be layered for the colder weather, but it’ll still be wearable when the temperature rises in Spring.

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They’ve taken into account the typical floral trends that are known each year for Spring, along with two very popular patterns this season: spots and stripes. You can’t go wrong with nautical!

And don’t forget the pops of colour with pinks and reds throughout. And if you really want to get creative, why not mix and match and layer them together for a sort of clashy,-matchy trend?

Continuing their tailoring, they’ve also opted for some oversized products, so whether you’re just looking for something comfy, try teaming an oversized jumper or jacket with skinny jeans and you’ll look effortlessly put together.

We’ve picked out some of our fave products right now that’ll probably go well with a bunch of clothes you’ve already got, so they’ll add a nice little update to your wardrobe.

If you fancy anything you see, just click on the pic and you can buy it instantly. Happy shopping!


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