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Brad and Ange, Justin and Britney, Johnny and Kate, Beyoncé and Jay-Z – some celeb couples are etched in our memories forever, even if they crashed and burned quicker than a store-bought rocket on Bonfire Night.

But, surprising as it might sound, there are still a few celeb couples that we completely forgot dated. Maybe they flew under the radar and escaped the paparazzi, or we have just chosen to delete their unions from our precious memory drive forever – yes, we are looking at you Drew Barrymore and Tom Green.

So, while some of these couples would probably wish they could remove all evidence of their union from Google, let’s take a look at some of the weird and wonderful celebrity relationships we forgot ever happened.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling

In 2002, way before he became one of the sexiest men in Hollywood, Ryan Gosling was most famous for being one of the ‘others’ in the infamous Mickey Mouse Club. That all changed when he started dating Sandra Bullock, after meeting on the set of Murder by Numbers. Now, it wasn’t the age gap of 16 years that made it icky but Gosling at the time really did look like a pre-pubescent teen. The couple didn’t last but are still friends.

celebrities you won't believe dated
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Brad Pitt and Sinitta 

Ahhh, Sinatta and Brad… Now kids, it might seem like I’m crazy, but back in the 80s Sinatta was actually the bigger star when these two lovebirds hooked up. (I swear, I am not lying). The romance didn’t last and Pitt went on to marry some of the biggest hotties of Hollywood. Sinatta became Simon Cowell’s best mate and still speaks about her love affair with the Hollywood hunk any chance she gets.

Celebrities you won't believe dated


Drew Barrymore and David Arquette 

It’s hard to believe as they played siblings soo convincingly in Never Been Kissed but this comedy duo dated way before the film was even shot. It might just be us but these two should have stayed in the friend zone.

Celebrities you won't believe dated


Madonna and Vanilla Ice 

Ladies, this might be the perfect example as to why you shouldn’t always go with what is popular at the time, this is true with men and fashion.

For one glorious year in the 90s Vanilla Ice was cool and Madonna (who always liked latching on to the cool kids of the day) dated him.

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But their love, much like his musical ability, melted away quicker than a Cornetto during a heatwave.

Celebrities you won't believe dated


Natalie Portman and Moby

I know we’d all like to forget but back in the late nineties Moby was kind of a big deal so we can’t really blame Portman for her Moby fling. At least we only have to deal with having ‘Play’ lurking somewhere in our loft. Poor Portman has to deal with this relationship for the rest of her life.

Celebrities you won't believe dated


Steve Coogan and Courtney Love 

Oh, to be a fly on the wall while these two were dating. According to Love, this little fling was a ‘couple of shags’ at a hotel in Los Angeles. Here’s hoping Coogan never asked her to ‘smell his cheese’…

celebrities you will never believe dated

Tom Cruise and Cher 

Cher, we salute you. You managed to bang Tom before he went all creepy, aka, before the sofa jumping incident. I also think Cher should be given credit for leading the way for cougars everywhere. You might think Madonna got there first, but Cher was trailblazing well before the Material Girl rocked up.

celebrities you will never believe dated


Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson 

No, this is not a joke. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman went on a few dates with a singer who was perhaps even more all-American than Britney. What these two talked about during their dates makes the mind boggle, but she certainly made an impression on the singer who said he ‘loved her’ in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

celebrities you will never believe dated


Rebecca Ferguson and Zayn Malik 

Before Gigi, or even Perrie, Zayn dated X-Factor star Rebecca Ferguson but neither one of them have spoken positively of their brief union. Rebecca claimed she paid for most things while they dated and Zayn said the union was ‘a mistake’ (ever the charmer).

celebrities you will never believe dated


Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette 

Isn’t it ironic that two Canadians would get together (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) but it wasn’t to last. I will always feel a little bit sorry for Alanis after they broke up because Ryan went and did what every woman dreads when they split with the guy they were meant to marry – married Scarlett Johansson. Ouch.

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celebrities you won't believe dated


Courteney Cox and Michael Keaton 

For someone who was one of the most recognisable faces of the 90s, Courtney sure did have an acquired taste when it came to men. Now, yes, he may have been Batman but does Keaton even make the top 5 (and, yes, I’m including Adam Hill in this? Thought not) Courtney, you could have done soooo much better!

Celebrities you will never believe dated


Katie Price and Gareth Gates

The early noughties were a weird time for everyone. But if you cast you mind back you may remember that Katie Price aka Jordan, while heavily pregnant Dwight Yorke’s child, managed to bag the teen heartthrob. He denied it when it was leaked to the tabloids, but the whole sorry mess was exposed and Katie Price made an extra few quid out of the affair. Gates, meanwhile, drifted off into obscurity.

celebrities you won't believe dated
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Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne 

Most people won’t even admit to owning a Nickleback album, so kudos to Avril for having the balls to admit she fancied rocker Chad.

This unlikely duo hooked up while working on music together, married in 2013 but separated two years later. While the couple are no longer romantically involved, the pint-sized singer will still defend her man – she slammed Mark Zuckerberg on social media, after he made a joke about Nickleback not having any decent songs…to be fair Avril, he has a point…

celebrities you won't believe dated
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Conan O’Brien and Lisa Kudrow

These two comic powerhouse dated after meeting at an improv class, when they were first starting out in their careers. Kudrow claimed the union was short-lived after they realised they were better off as mates. But the Friends star credits the late host as the one who inspired her to keep going in entertainment biz, and the rest, as they say, is history.

celebrities you won't believe dated


Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson

Aww, we kinda wish these two had made it work but still can’t believe that these two acting stalwarts dated. The acting legends started dating after meeting on the set of Excalibur back in the eighties. They lived together for four years before splitting but the two still speak fondly of each other, so it seems you can still split up and stay on get terms with your ex.

celebrities you won't believe dated