10 Seriously Underrated Beyoncé Tracks You Really Need To Listen To

All hail Queen Bey (Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

We all know and love Beyoncé for her mega hits such as Single Ladies and Crazy In Lovebut if either of these are your favourite Bey tracks, prepare to have your mind well and truly changed.

Her iconic chart bangers are just a tiny snippet of what she’s capable of, with many of her album tracks, b-sides (or should that be Bey-sides?) and collaborative efforts really showcasing her incredible vocals and boundless creativity. Can you tell we’re big fans yet?

So, it’s time we educated you in the subject of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter — or, if you’re already part of the Beyhive, let us take you on a nostalgic trip down a 00s-shaped memory lane.

Get Me Bodied

This is THE Beyoncé track you need to hear, watch, consume and enjoy over and over again. The extended mix is over six minutes long, but they’ll be the best six minutes of your life. It’s upbeat, fun, sassy and slick, filled with dance moves you’ll want to learn off by heart immediately — and keep an eye out for Solange, Kelly and Michelle in the video.

Work It Out

Beyoncé’s first ever single rarely gets the credit it deserves. Released in 2002, just months before Crazy In Love, this big band banger is sexy, smooth and LOUD. It coincided with her lead role as Foxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember (yep, we’re trying to forget it too), which explains the cringeworthy “Yeah baby!” at the start.

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Freakum Dress

This song didn’t even make the charts, but thankfully there’s an incredible video for it anyway (who else remembers those light up lipgloss lids?!). Freakum Dress is basically a song about revitalising a stale relationship by getting all dressed up to remind the man in your life that you’re still a hottie. We just like it for the crashing cymbals and sassy strutting.

Ave Maria

Beyoncé’s recorded a fair few covers in her time, but none show off her gorgeous voice as much as Ave Maria. Taken from her I Am… Sasha Fierce album, the track is actually a rewrite of the Franz Schubert original, which she allegedly walked down the aisle to in 2008. A Queen Bey ballad at its best.

Put It In A Love Song

Is there any better pairing than Beyoncé and Alicia Keys? This back and forth duet delivers everything we need from these two incredible artists: emotional climaxes, flawless harmonies and a beat we can blast at full volume in the car. All that’s missing from this collab is an amazing video to match.

Green Light

Rewind to 2007 and you’ll witness the first signs of ‘edgy’ Beyoncé. Green Light still had the big instrumental feel of predecessor Déjà Vu, but a helping hand from Pharrell Williams turned this track into something altogether cooler. Side note: check the heels at 1:12, eeeeesh!

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Part 2 (On The Run)

Taken from Jay Z’s 2014 album Magna Carta, this slow yet emotionally charged tune is the ultimate couple’s anthem — if your relationship includes running from the police and making love while sirens blast outside your window, that is. Jay’s raps fit perfectly with Bey’s smooth chorus, making us want to be a third wheel in their daily life more than ever.

Me, Myself & I

Another ballad to add to your must-listen list is Beyoncé’s fourth single Me, Myself & I. It’s a sassy song about moving on from a cheating partner, with plenty of finger wagging and hair flipping to make you want to shout yaaaaaaasss at the top of your lungs. Also, the video features Beyoncé with both a fringe and a bob, which we definitely need to see more of.

Why Don’t You Love Me

Partly written by sister Solange, this track is basically Beyoncé singing about how amazing she is, which we are so here for. The video is a corker too, with Bey playing the perfect 1950s housewife who gets so riled up about her own brilliance she ends up sobbing into a cocktail in just her underwear. Same.

Flawless (Nicki Minaj remix)

A more recent Queen Bey track, the remix of Flawless is exactly that: flawless. We loved the original from her self-titled album in 2013 (how is it that old already?!),  but with Nicki in tow, this tune turns into a sweary anthem that you won’t want to play in front of your mum. Plus, it’s the track that confronts THAT elevator drama, so it’s a piece of pop culture history whether you like it or not.

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What’s your favourite Beyoncé track? Tell us in the comments!