Teen Women Are Most Likely To Experience Domestic Abuse

Teenage girls are most affected by abuse (Shutterstock)

Domestic abuse can affect people at any time in their life, but new statistics have shone a light on who is most likely to be a victim of abuse at home.

According to fresh figures from the Office for National Statistics, teen women aged between 16-19 in England and Wales are most likely to experience domestic abuse, with 10 per cent saying they’d fallen victim to it in the last year. In contrast, seven per cent of teen men reported experiencing it within the last 12 months.

Overall, an estimated 1.9million British adults aged 16-59 have been a victim of such abuse in the last year – a huge number that will undoubtedly shock many. However, things get worse for women, with 70 per cent of all domestic homicide victims (those killed by a partner) between April 2013 and March 2016 being female.

domestic abuse
70 per cent of people killed by a partner are women (Shutterstock)

Despite efforts to tackle domestic abuse, less than half of reported crimes result in arrest, currently sitting at 46 arrests per every 100 victims. And when it comes to getting help with removing victims from dangerous situations, there is seemingly little resource available. In Wales, there are 10 bed spaces in refuges for every 1,000 victims, while South-West England has the poorest amount available at two beds per every 1,000.

So why is it still so hard for victims to find support and justice, even in 2017? “Domestic abuse is a particularly difficult problem to tackle, not least because victims may be reluctant to report abuse or to support action against their abusers,” noted Alexa Bradley from the ONS.

Due to fear of further abuse or threats to their life, abuse victims can find it extremely hard to report a violent partner to the police, often risking a potential onslaught of further repercussions.

If you’re being affected by domestic abuse and need help, there are several services available, including Victim Support and National Domestic Violence Helpline.

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