Top 10 Sunglasses For £10 Or Less

(Photo: New Look)

The sun is here and those peepers need protecting from the harsh UV rays.

But before you take out a loan for an uber pricey designer pair, we’ve found 10 stylish sunglasses for just £10 or less.

Why not take a squiz and see what takes your fancy? You can thank us later.


Metal Half Frame Sunglasses

Although they kind of remind us of something a grey-haired librarian would wear, these quirky sunnies are actually pretty cool. Right? Metal Half Frame Sunglasses, £5.

Metal Half Frame Sunglasses

Hollie Glitter Sunglasses

If you can’t wear a bit of bling when the sun is out, when can you? Okay, Christmas aside, these Hollywood shades will make you dazzle. Hollie Glitter Tortoise Round Sunglasses, £6.

Hollie Glitter Sunglasses

‘West’ Blue Denim Preppy Sunglasses

On hearing about ‘denim’ sunglasses, we weren’t sure how we felt. But seeing them, we love them. (Rest assured, it is only the print. They’re not actual denim. That would just be weird.) ‘West’ Blue Denim Preppy Sunglasses, £10.

Denim preppy sunglasses

Black cat eye smoke lens sunglasses

Be the cat who got the cream in these sunglasses, which feature stylish black frames and grey lenses. Meow. Black Cat Eye Smoke Lens Sunglasses, £10.

River Island sunglasses

Racquel Wrap Sunglasses

Whether you’ve got tired eyes to hide or just wanna make a like an A-lister, these are the shades for you. Racquel Wrap Sunglasses, £10.

Accessorize sunglasses

Round Grey Marbled Sunglasses

Marbled sunnies are so the in thing right now, which makes us want these bad boys even more. Round Grey Marbled Sunglasses, £10.

Marble Claire's Sunglasses

Floral Enamel Retro Sunglasses

Seriously, how cute are these? Imagine wearing them in a field full of daisies with a cool breeze gently blowing in your hair. Lush. Floral Enamel Retro Sunglasses, £6.

Floral Sunglasses

Rainbow Aviator Sunglasses

Everyone loves a rainbow, which is why we have got our eyes on this pair of aviators. Just check out those lenses. Rainbow Aviators, £6.99.

Rainbow Aviators

Light Pink Sunglasses

These light pink babies might have plastic frames, but they still look as though they should have a hefty price tag. Good news, they don’t. Whoop! Light Pink Sunglasses, £8.99.

H&M sunglasses

Black Tinted Bar Front Sunglasses

These black-framed sunnies with mauve tinted lenses are definitely head turners – but for all the right reasons. We also love the unique double bar across the front. Black Tinted Bar Front Sunglasses, £8.99.



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